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Project Dream Seeds began as a vacation with purpose.  Witnessing the lives of hurting people, caused us to search for creative ways to help.  In the beginning, our reach was small, then others joined the cause.  As we go, we plant seeds of dreams into every person we encounter.  We're dreamers and we believe we can change the world.


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Dave & Tammye Howell

Dave and Tammye Howell have given 30+ years in charitable work, serving various communities.


Planting churches, organizing non-profits, leading volunteers, helping people in need.


In 2008, Dave and Tammye took a "vacation with purpose" to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  After seeing the tremendous needs of the local communities, they were determined to find a way to help.


Today, Project Dream Seeds reaches around the world, searching for creative ways to make a difference in the lives of hurting children. 

Through strategic partnerships and alliances, dream seeds are planted daily.